Weston Hammer Carpets

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The Weston Hammer Carpets company was founded in 1948 and built its Birk factory in the 1960s. The brand continuously upgrades machinery and manufacturing processes in order to provide superior quality for modern homes and commercial interiors. Using state-of-the-art production facilities alongside an in-house design studio, the brand offers excellent quality and stunning designs. Discover all contract and domestic Weston Hammer Carpets here at Floorstore.

Quality, durable carpets for all kinds of interiors

The company is dedicated to uncompromising quality, whether it comes to the domestic or contract ranges. Thus, all carpets bearing the Weston Hammer Carpet name are made to the highest standard of craftsmanship.

Durable and hard-wearing, these carpets can handle the pressures of a busy family home as well as the demands of a fast-paced commercial interior.

The domestic range includes 100% wool and 100% sisal carpets in versatile colours. Created with convenience in mind, the contract range features carpets that are suitable for a wide range of applications, from hospitality areas and offices to commercial spaces.

Weston Hammer Carpets

  • Founded in 1948
  • Constantly upgrading manufacturing processes to provide superior quality
  • In-house design studio
  • Wide range of carpets – from contract to domestic designs
  • Wool, sisal and stone fibre yarns, among others
  • Beautiful colours that range from light and neutral to bright and eye-catching
  • Cut, loop and flat-woven carpets to choose from
  • Textured carpets or simple, smooth surfaces
  • A wide range of top quality backing materials
  • Products designed for all kinds of contract applications
  • All carpets developed and tested to meet strict European EN 1307 standards
  • Management systems based on international ISO 9001, 14001, and 26000 standards

At Floorstore we aim to offer you the best products from leading brands, so you can find all Weston Hammer Carpets collections here. And the best part? You can enjoy not only the excellent quality of their products, but also our fantastic prices!

Domestic Range

Weston Hammer Carpets’ domestic carpet collection features products made with 100% wool, sisal, or stone fibre yarns. You can choose between flat-woven or loop pile designs. Colours range from light cream and ivory to dark grey and black. Backings include latex, supersoft latex and textile. These carpets are ideal for domestic interiors. Use them to add texture and a touch of style to a living room, bedroom or dining room.

The 100% wool carpets provide numerous advantages, from superior sound and heat insulation to warmth and comfort underfoot. Sisal carpets are perfect for areas with heavier foot traffic, as they are extremely tough and durable. There are plenty of designs and colours to choose from – and all are available at an amazing price, here at Floorstore.

Contract Carpets

Weston Hammer specialize in creating premium quality carpets for contract applications. At Floorstore you can find all of their contract ranges, so you can transform any interior at a price that suits your budget.

Designed with durability in mind, these carpets feature an 80% wool and 20% nylon blend as well as 100% nylon content. Hard-wearing and easy to maintain, these products are suitable for a wide range of uses, from marine and hospitality to residential and commercial.

The designs include cut, loop and flat-woven carpets. Some have eye-catching textures, while others boast a smooth surface. Colours include everything from light grey and beige to bright red and black, with numerous shades in between.

As for backing, these carpets are made to stand the test of time and to be as hard-wearing as possible. The backing options include laminated felt or textile, contract latex, acoustic backing, modular, or glued textile.