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Brockway have been making carpets for over 50 years in Kidderminster. So it comes as no surprise that their products are top quality and designed to last. Here at Floorstore we offer all Brockway ranges – so you can create your ideal home décor at a great price. Take a look below to find out more about this respected UK company and about the carpet collections we carry.

Dedicated to high-quality

A family-run business, Brockway use the expertise of generations of skilled craftsmen to produce their premium quality products. Featuring natural wool and durable backing, the carpets made by the brand are meant to last for a long time in a busy family home.

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Brockway at a glance

  • Family-run business
  • Generations of skilled craftsmen making premium carpets
  • Based in Kidderminster
  • All carpets are hand finished
  • Versatile neutral colours of vibrant shades
  • Simple designs or striped patterns
  • Un-dyed or dyed wool carpets
  • A wide range of textures
  • Products manufactured in the company’s own factory
  • Members of The Carpet Foundation

Brockway have numerous carpet ranges – and you can find all of them here at Floorstore. Whether you prefer a neutral carpet that will look beautiful in any interior or a striped carpet to add an eye—catching accent to your home’s décor, here you’ll find a vast range of designs.

The Beachcomber range features un-dyed, pure wool carpets made with a loop pile and 4-ply yarns. The colours are light and neutral, which means that these carpets are perfect for virtually any décor.

Placed in a separate category, the Carnaby carpet pays homage to the Union Jack. Made with a striped pattern, it boasts blue and red colours, for a truly eye-catching design that will stand out anywhere. This loop pile carpet is made with 100% wool yarns.

Classic and timeless, the Cavendish range includes 100% wool carpets with 3-ply yarns. Colours range from cream to beige and light grey.

If you’re looking for a modern and refined carpet, the Connections range is ideal for you. Available at a great price at Floorstore, here you’ll find beautiful carpets with brighter colours and an 80% wool content.

The Dimensions range includes three main designs: heather, plain and striped. All of them have an 80% wool content. Luxurious but hard-wearing, these carpets are perfect for the busier areas of a family home. In this collection you can find a wide range of colours, to suit virtually any décor and existing colour schemes. The carpets from this range are also suited for both heavy domestic and heavy commercial use.

Featuring wool of Herdwick sheep, which are native to the Cumbrian Fells in the Lake District, the Lakeland Herdwick collection pays homage to British tradition. The range comes in natural colours and textures, with subtle striped patterns adding a refined accent to the designs. 100% wool in 3-ply yarns.

Classic and chic, the Natural Tweed range is made with un-dyed wool in a loop pile with 3-ply yarns. All of the designs from this collection boast a herringbone pattern. Perfect for adding texture and elegance to any décor.

Orion Twist features subtle textures and resilient yarns in carpets that are ideal for heavy traffic areas in a domestic property.

The award-winning Rare Breeds range offers style and quality in one. The carpets from this range come with an eco-friendly backing, the brand’s revolutionary Envirobac material.

Modern and high-quality, the Solar range boasts bright colours and premium wool yarn blends. Soft yet hard-wearing, these carpets will stand the test of time. A striped Solar collection is also available.

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