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Founded in 1938, ege have become leaders in the textile flooring industry in Europe. With a focus on making unique, premium quality carpets, the brand also creates products that are environmentally conscious. Modern technology, innovation and a passion for design blend in beautiful carpets which make any interior look more elegant and feel more comfortable. Discover all the ege ranges here at Floorstore.

Unconditional quality plus passion for good design

From the very beginning, the company used the latest and most advanced technology in the carpet manufacturing processes. Today, this approach still defines ege. So you can rest assured that no matter which design catches your eye, you’ll enjoy it for many years to come. We’re offering all of the brand’s collections at Floorstore. Elegant designs for any space, always at the best prices.

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Setting an example in sustainability

Apart from their dedication to premium quality, ege also set the standard in sustainability. The company endorsed UN’s Global Impact. They also focus on recycling materials, clean energy and cleaner manufacturing processes. At ege, respecting quality is just as important as respecting the environment. The result? Beautiful, durable and eco-friendly products you’ll enjoy for many years to come.

Ege at a glance

  • Founded in 1938
  • A leader in the European textile flooring industry
  • High-quality carpets
  • Good design blends with premium materials and modern technology
  • Collections that include both broadloom and carpet tile designs
  • Allergy friendly and sound absorbing carpets
  • Wear-resistant and durable
  • Designer collections
  • Eco-friendly carpets made with Ecoline yarns or from recycled fishing nets
  • Hundreds of patterns and colours to choose from
  • Quality backing materials
  • Passionate about the environment
  • Meets strict EMAS requirements – the world’s only EMAS-certified carpet manufacturer in the world
  • Received Cradle to CradleTM certificates
  • Carpets that are specifically designed for commercial use

Highline Collections

Ideal for the hospitality sector, the Highline Collection features integrated underlay for superior sound insulation and comfort. The wear-resistant carpets come in either broadloom or carpet tile designs, with up to 8 types of backing options. You can also choose between numerous patterns and designs – to suit any requirement and décor.

Epoca Collections

The Epoca Collection is perfect for modern offices. Hard-wearing and resilient, these carpets will handle just about anything and look good in the process! The elegant carpets pay homage to Scandinavian minimalism. Refined and versatile, they come in both broadloom and tile designs. All carpets from this collection also feature allergy friendly fibres and provide superior sound insulation.

ReForm Collections

Hard-wearing, high-quality and green, the ReForm Collections provide the perfect flooring solution for modern offices. Here at Floorstore you can find this range at a fantastic price. Providing excellent acoustic performance and durability, these stylish carpets are a great choice for any office space. The products from this range feature Ecoline yarns and materials produced from recycled fishing nets.

Una Collections

Top quality and budget friendly, the Una Collections are available in a broadloom or carpet tile design. Both offer great sound insulation as well as better air quality by reducing allergens and dust mites. Featuring pre-dyed yarns to reduce the cost, these carpets come in beautiful and simple colours and patterns that complement any décor.

Avia Collections

The Avia Structure and Avia Carré Ecoline ranges are lightweight but extra tough, as they are specifically developed for aviation industry.

Other ranges

From Cradle to Cradle certified and eco-friendly carpet tiles to antibacterial carpet for the healthcare industry, here you’ll find specialised products at an amazing price. Textured or weave-style patterns and designs inspired by African lands can also be found in these collections.

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