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Mohawk was founded in 1878. Since then, the brand has built an impressive reputation by making exquisite products with innovative features. Award-winning designs and revolutionary techniques have made Mohawk a leader in the industry and the largest flooring company in the world. And now you can find all the brand’s carpet ranges here at Floorstore. From classic designs to modern patterns; from neutral colours to bright tones – with Mohawk, revamping your home’s décor is easier than ever before.

Comfort and style

A high-quality carpet can make any room feel more comfortable and welcoming. A stylish carpet can enhance the appearance of any décor. Mohawk combine both of these features in gorgeous products that blend function and elegance. Their carpet ranges include elegant designs for the modern home, all made of premium materials. Choose simple and neutral colours or go for an eye-catching pattern – here you can find the perfect carpet for your living spaces.

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More than just a soft surface underfoot

Apart from bringing more comfort to a room, a quality carpet provides a range of advantages. It can be easily installed on almost any surface, helping to reduce subfloor irregularities, if any. Carpets also enhance insulation and sound absorption. This ensures that rooms are warm during the winter months and cool during summer. And Mohawk carpets also add an incredible number of functional features to that list. Extremely hard-wearing, stain and spill resistant, easy to clean, pet-friendly, and eco-friendly. To name a few.

Mohawk – flooring innovation

  • Founded in 1878
  • Leader in the flooring industry
  • Thousands of designs
  • Unique SmartStrand technology – yarns with soil and stain resistance
  • Fibres with 0% moisture absorption
  • Free of harmful substances
  • Incredibly easy to clean and to maintain
  • Durable and hard-wearing
  • Wear-Dated carpets that are resilient, soft, and colourfast
  • Eco-friendly EverStrand® products made with recycled materials
  • Scotchgard® protected polyester yarns that resist stains
  • Loop, twist, pattern, and texture style carpets
  • StainMaster® carpets with a 20-year warranty
  • SmartCushion® for a sumptuous feel underfoot

When you buy a Mohawk carpet, you can rest assured that you get a premium product. Decades of experience and a dedication to innovation make the company’s carpets a must-have for the modern home. Whether you want to give your living spaces a style makeover or to transform a room into a welcoming and relaxing space, Mohawk carpets are ideal for you.

Beautiful colours and designs, for any décor

Neutral tones look good anywhere, from living rooms to offices. Bright colours can completely change the way a room looks and feels. Intricate patterns and designs create focal points in any interior. And that’s just the beginning. With Floorstore and Mohawk, you can select the ideal carpet for your requirements. With so many designs available, picking the right one is easy. Whether you’re looking for a simple carpet that will complement a neutral décor or if you need a creative design that will make a room look stunning, here you’ll find stylish carpets at fantastic prices.

Luxuriously soft and durable at the same time

Mohawk carpets come in various styles. But even the softest yarns are designed to stand the test of time and to resist wear, stains and spills. This means that even carpets with SmartStrand Silk yarns, which feel incredibly soft and smooth underfoot, can handle just about anything a busy family home might throw their way. Soft but tough, these carpets are also easy to clean and to maintain looking like new for years. This makes them a wise choice and a clever investment into your home. Browse through our range of Mohawk carpets to find the right one for your needs!

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