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Laminates made by the Swiss Krono Group is a quality product which is now manufactured exclusively with high-density fiberboard. These planks are especially durable. The plank’s decor layer is protected by a transparent overlay film which provides abrasion resistance and creates an easy-clean surface.

On the bottom of the plank, a humidity-resistant film protects the plank from moisture. Select floors are also available with an attached underlayment for increased noise reduction.

If you are deciding what type of flooring you would like to have in your home in the future, you can choose Krono Swiss laminate flooring with a good conscience.

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The advantages are self-evident: stylish design, long-term durability, high performance surfaces and easy care.Laminate need not fear comparison with other types of flooring surfaces –far from it! The technology in the manufacture of laminate flooring has been developed to ensure that laminate offers stylish quality that can be seen. Laminate combines a number of advantages that hardly any other type of flooring can offer.

Once you get to know the advantages Krono Swiss laminate has to offer, you won’t have to ask: why laminate? Instead, you will find choosing this robust and durable flooring to be an easy decision.

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