Getting Ready For Your New Floor

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Before Fitting Day

A few simple but vital preparations before the fitters arrive will help them make sure that their work puts a big smile on your face.

  • If you’ve recently decorated, be sure to allow plenty of drying time before your fitting date. New paint and wallpaper are especially vulnerable during the fitting process.
  • Unless you’ve chosen to upgrade to our ‘uplift and recycle’ service, you’ll need to clear any carpets, flooring and underlay from the room. (If you’d like to upgrade to this hassle-free option, just call us before your fitting day and we’ll be happy to arrange it.)
  • When you’ve lifted the old floor, we recommend removing any exposed floor pins and grippers: it’s not essential but it will help prevent injuries. Don’t worry, we’ll fit brand new ones at no extra cost

On The Day

The big day is here… For a smooth fitting and to help prevent accidental damage, it’s important the fitters have space to work safely and effectively.

  • Before the fitters arrive, please remove all furniture and breakable items from the relevant room(s) and along the fitters’ access route.
  • Wherever possible, allow your fitters space to park, with a clear path into the installation area.
  • We do our very best to honour every appointment time. Of course, unpredictable jobs and traffic can cause delays, but our fitter will be in touch if that’s the case.
  • Our fitters always work with skill and care, but very occasionally, décor can be marked or scuffed during the process. It’s best to be aware that some touching up might be needed afterwards.
  • If your new flooring is deeper than your old floor, the fitters may need to remove doors. If so, you can contact a joiner to alter and refit them.

All Done

Just a few final steps and your floor transformation will be complete.

  • Once the fitters have finished, they’ll vac the area so you can have a good look at your new floor. This is your opportunity to check the work and ask questions.
  • Unless you’ve opted for our ‘uplift and recycle’ service, our professional fitters will bag your offcuts for you to dispose of.
  • Finally, you’ll need to pay the fitters either in cash or by bank transfer before they leave (you can find the agreed fee on your invoice).

Your new floor is laid. The fitters have left. Once you’ve put your furniture back in place, just sit back and enjoy your beautiful, transformed room!

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