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If you’re looking for something different, you can’t go wrong with Alternative Flooring. The brand creates unique and modern designs that look stylish and feel comfortable underfoot. Apart from being elegant, these carpets, rugs and runners are also high-quality and durable. And since we carry all Alternative Flooring ranges, you can easily find the perfect products for your home’s makeover plans here.

Original designs that look stunning

Created with innovation in mind, all Alternative Flooring carpets, rugs and runners feature authentic designs and premium quality materials.

The award-winning Quirky range includes distinctive patterns, some created by renowned British designers. Consequently, the collection offers the perfect solution to add a fun and vibrant accent to any décor. This range is designed and made in the UK.

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For those who are passionate about the environment, the company launched the Eco Collection. It includes UK’s first 100% biodegradable carpets. The wool range features hand woven carpets, rugs and runners that add beautiful texture and warmth to any room. But regardless of the collection they belong to, all Alternative Flooring products look distinctive and simply beautiful.

Alternative Flooring

  • A brand passionate about making unique and creative designs
  • High-quality yarns and modern techniques
  • Quirky designs that create focal points in any décor
  • Carpets, rugs and runners made to stand the test of time – both in terms of style and construction
  • Matching or complementing rugs and runners to help you create a coordinated look
  • Award-winning collections
  • UK’s first biodegradable carpet range
  • The first exclusive floor company to receive the CoolBrand mention
  • Natural collection that includes coir, jute, sisal, and other 100% natural fibres
  • Beautifully textured wool carpets and rugs
  • Hand woven carpets
  • Carpets made on Axminster and Wilton looms
  • Designs that range from simple to intricate, from funky and modern

Alternative Flooring carpets, rugs and runners are perfect for homes that require a touch of spark and creativity. Unique and eye-catching, the designs bring style and comfort to the modern home. At Floorstore you can browse through all of the brand’s collections – all available at amazing prices.

Wool Collection

A wool carpet, rug or runner is always a wise – and safe – choice, for any décor. The designs are usually simple and timeless, so they will look good anywhere. Warm and comfortable, durable and naturally flame retardant, wool products provide a large number of advantages over other materials.

Alternative Flooring’s wool range features gorgeous textures. Here you can find carpets and rugs with chunky or pebble textures. Herringbone, chevron and stripe patterns provide the opportunity to add a refined touch to any interior.

Natural Collection

These natural carpets, rugs and runners feature sisal, seagrass, jute, and coir fibres. Resilient, durable, finely textured or boasting a bubbleweave design, here you can find a wide range of products that combine quality with natural elegance. These carpets, rugs and runners are suitable for use in areas with heavy domestic traffic. They also feature neutral shades and warmer brown colours that look good alongside virtually any existing colour schemes.

Eco Collection

UK’s first completely biodegradable carpet range. These carpets are made with 100% natural, un-dyed wool hand woven on traditional looms. The backing is made of cotton and latex, adding the perfect finishing touch to this environmentally friendly collection.

Quirky Collection

Perhaps the company’s best-known range. This award-winning collection features eye-catching, creative designs. The carpets, rugs and runners boast fun patterns that include animal prints, honeycomb patterns, intricate floral designs or simple geometric patterns. Packed with colour and textures, the products from this range add brightness and creativity to living spaces. The dynamic designs stand out in any room, whether you want to use them to enhance a classic or a modern décor. All Quirky carpets are designed and made in the UK.

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