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Carpet Recycling UK

Floorstore are one of just under 100 companies that are part of Carpet Recycling UK. The vision we share with them is to reduce 400,000 tonnes of carpet waste by 100%.

Carpets are made from natural and synthetic fibres, which still have a value once the carpet is no longer wanted; they can be used in a wide range of applications from sports surfaces to insulation.

Together our main aim is to increase the diversion of carpets from landfill.

Sonoco Recycling

Sonoco Recycling takes care of all Floorstore’s cardboard, plastic and wood waste.

Within a week, the material is transformed into paperboard and is sent to our various converting plants throughout Europe to make a range of useful products.

Working with Sonoco Recycling ensures that waste materials stay out of landfill sites and are instead transformed into new products.

Ball & Young Recycling

Floorstore work alongside Ball & Young to decrease the amount of underlay both new and old been sent to landfill.

Ball & Young take all our waste underlay and recycle this into some of their products.

Forbo Flooring – Back to the Floor

Floorstore is part of Forbo’s “Back to the Floor” project.

Floorstore sends any of the clean off cuts and waste generated back to Forbo to be recycled into new flooring. This benefits all parties as it provides Forbo with material to be recycled back into some of their products and again increases the amount of waste been diverted from landfill.

Reuse & Reduce Shipping Material at Floorstore

Floorstore proudly reuse shipping materials to help cut down on waste and to bring our customers the lowest possible prices!

Our companies long term aim is to reduce the amount of landfill waste generated by 100%, hopefully contributing to the growing need to reduce waste globally.

We as a company constantly look at ways and means to reduce waste and we believe the reuse of packaging is a great way forward. TAke a look at what we have been up to in our recycling blog

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