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The Floorstore holds one of the largest selections of colours, designs, and qualities of carpets, with one to meet everyone’s wishes, which you can see and feel at all of our stores. With companies such as Ryalux, The Floorstore Direct can assist you in creating a bespoke carpet of any colour and quality that you desire.

Why carpet?
Carpet remains one of the simplest ways to add design and comfort to a home.

The Look
Carpet is a friendly and versatile floor covering offering benefits to your overall living environment. Impressive in looks and unsurpassed in comfort, carpet helps turn a house into a home. Available in a wide variety of textures, patterns, colours and styles, carpet is easily maintained and adds your unique signature to every room.

Climate Control
Carpet is truly climate-effective! Carpet’s insulating properties keep interiors cooler in summer and warmer in winter, making your home comfortable and inviting all year round. Wool carpet in particular can absorb and release moisture into the air. It helps keep humidity levels even in a room.

The Feel
Nothing compares to the pleasure of soft and cushioning carpet under your feet. The softness and texture of carpet provides a warm and comfortable living space.

Carpet helps to create a calm and peaceful living environment by absorbing noise in the home and minimising sound transmissions between floors and rooms. Carpet also improves the quality of projected sound, such as speech and music.

Easy Maintenance
Carpet is easy to clean and care for. There is no need for brooms, dusters, mops or buckets! Carpet simply requires regular vacuuming and periodic cleaning to keep it looking great. It is resilient and doesn’t scratch or scuff. Consider this against hard flooring that often requires major maintenance such as sanding, sealing and varnishing. On a daily basis, carpet has none of the dust problems that can spoil the clean lines of modern design.

Carpet is safe… and friendly to asthma sufferers

Carpet makes your home safe to walk and breathe in. Carpet is safe to walk on, reducing the hazard of slipping and the impact from falling compared to a hard floor. Carpet works like a filter. The dust and allergen load in the air is reduced as carpet traps those, allowing easy removal through vacuuming. It prevents allergens from becoming airborne so asthma sufferers can breathe easy, whereas hard floors allow allergens to circulate and be breathed in. Carpet can even help improve the indoor air quality of your home as it can absorb and neutralise emissions. Such emissions are released by many materials used to furnish or decorate homes, such as paints and plywood.

Carpet is the healthy and cosy option for bedrooms, where you are most likely to be bare footed. It is ideal for lounge rooms, being soft and comfy, and the safe option for hallways.

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