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A rug is a great way to add softness, fresh colours and patterns to your bedroom. Check out our huge choice of styles, colours and materials. You can find anything from a sheepskin or a cowhide, to a hand-knotted oriental rug. Or why not go for a thick, shaggy high-pile rug that’s ideal for sinking your cold feet into? Try putting a sheepskin by your bed, and it should be easier to persuade yourself to get up on a cold morning.Rug and Carpet Runner Styles.

Our rugs and runners are offered on a vast combination of styles and finishes.

Shaggy Rugs: The shaggy rug is a popular choice for the home because it offers a combination of texture and bulk. Shaggy hall runners also

Wilton Rugs: The Wilton construction is by far the most popular production method for modern machine made rugs. The Wilton loom can produce a multitude of designs and textures from flat-weaves to shaggy piles.

Carved Rugs: Are usually produced as a patterned or plain rug, then the elements of the design is hand carved to give create a design in plain rugs or to give an added dimension to a patterned rug. Hand carved rugs are usually hand tufted in India and China using wool or acrylic fibres, or more modern alternatives are deeper pile machine made Wiltons that are hand or machine carved after production.

Natural Look and Flat Weave Rugs: These rugs are a often flat woven Wilton and usually use minimalistic design. They are very durable and very stain resistant. Kilm rugs are also flat hand or machine woven they are like a heavy blanket type material usually in traditional designs.

Hall Runners: Can come in variety of textures and styles, basically it is a rug the has been woven to long narrow shape to suit hall, kitchens and other areas where you require a long narrow rug.

Velvet Rugs: This really refers to the pile texture of the rug, a velvet rug is usually a very short tight woven pile surface that can look like velvet.

Striped Rugs: As the description suggests these are simplistic patterns that form solid lines across the width or length of the rug. While these designs are classed as modern or contemporary today, the origins of striped rugs are traditional dating back over a thousand years.

Traditional Rugs: Usually styled with bold patterns made up with medallions and motifs that date back centuries. While today’s traditional designs still use many of the ancient Persian and Turkish design elements, they are also influenced by the 17th century French influences of Savonnerie and Aubusson designs that introduced new decretive elements such as fleur de lys, floras, borders and medallions that reflected the designs of the elegant Chateau ceilings.

Round Rugs: Can be used in any room to fit an awkward space or just to give a distinctive look.

Modern Rugs: Modern or contemporary rug designs can be simplistic or complicated as there are no rules, they can be as abstract or coherent as the designers imagination.

Persian and Oriental Rugs: Are hand-knotted by artisans and take many months to complete. There are many different aspects to the look and finish of a Persian rug they are generally woven in wool or silk.

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