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Welcome to our Wheatcroft Beds page. Here you can find out more about this popular UK brand and get a glimpse at the fantastic collections designed by the company. Yorkshire-based Wheatcroft Beds is a leading bed and mattress manufacturer, producing handcrafted products that combine high-quality materials and innovative technology. Designed with comfort and convenience in mind, the beds and mattresses made by Wheatcroft Beds range from budget to luxurious. Integrated storage solutions and elegant details offer the perfect solution to upgrade your bedroom and your home. A 5-year warranty brings peace of mind and adds incredible value to the brand’s products.

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Innovation and new technologies

Introducing Probiotics

According to some studies, one in four people are allergic to dust mites. This sensitivity has a direct impact on sleep quality and comfort, which is why Wheatcroft Beds have introduced the innovative Purotex technology in their collections. Using active probiotics, the technology ensures that mattresses remain clean of dust mites and allergens. 100% natural, the probiotics treatment guarantees cleaner air and optimum comfort. Sleeping better has never been easier.

  • Handcrafted with premium materials
  • Opulent fabrics, organic cotton, Aloe Vera composites ensure superior quality and comfort
  • Probiotics technology that minimizes allergens and dust mites
  • Luxurious, orthopaedic and budget ranges to suit any taste, need and wallet
  • Traditional or modern designs to complement any décor
  • Integrated storage solutions
  • 5-year warranty

Pocket Memory Collection

The Pocket Memory Collection features several bed designs and mattresses that range from traditional to contemporary. Main features include pocket-sprung mattresses with hypo-allergenic fillings, memory foam mattresses that react to body heat and provide superior support, the revolutionary Blue Cool technology, and an airflow pillowtop design. Hand stitched details, organic cotton, Aloe Vera composites, and micro quilted fabrics add a premium quality look and feel to this range.

Pocket Collection

2000, 1500 and 1000 pocket spring units can be found in this range, along with hypo-allergenic and luxurious fillings. The mattresses from this collection feature silk composites, Belgian damask fabrics and soft knitted fabrics. Premium finishes include hand tufted rosettes or Chenille borders with hand stitched border effects. Gorgeous colours include dark red, light yellow, cream and white, to complement any bedroom décor.

Memory Collection

The Memory Collection includes open coil Bonnell mattresses and 12.5g spring units. Memory Foam supports the body and reacts to heat, adapting to individual body shapes. An airflow pillowtop design ensures that moisture evaporates faster, while hypo-allergenic fillings guarantee optimum sleep quality. Tuft effect quilt designs, floral patterns and soft top micro quilted bases add an elegant look to these products.

Luxurious Collection

Beautiful and refined, the Luxurious Collection brings comfort and style into your bedroom. Here you’ll find a range of 12inch-deep mattresses with deep tufting and luxurious fillings. They include 12g and 12.5g open coil Bonnell spring units as well as spring units with a frame wire. Belgian damask fabrics in white or light neutral colours take these mattresses to another level of elegance.

Designed to provide ultimate comfort, the Orthopaedic And Luxurious Orthopaedic Collections feature 12.5g and 13.5g Bonnell spring and frame wire units with extra firm fillings and hand tufted details which enhance the firmness further. Quality materials include soft knitted fabrics, Belgian damask and luxurious polyester fillings. In this range, beds and mattresses come with traditional, modern or creative designs, to suit any preference and interior design scheme.

Budget Collection

Affordable but high-quality, the Budget Collection allows you to revamp your bedroom and enhance your level of comfort at a great price. This range includes Bonnell spring units with deep fillings, Damask ticking and stitchbond fabrics, with flat tops or figure 8 quilt designs.

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