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What Is Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is more popular than ever before in the UK and around the world. A perfect blend of style, convenience and durability, vinyl floors transform living spaces into warm, beautiful, and comfortable homes. At Floorstore, you can find an amazing range of vinyl flooring, to suit virtually any décor and personal taste. But before you select your favourite design, look at the information we’ve gathered on this page. You’ll quickly understand why this innovative material is perfect for enhancing the look and feel of your home.

Vinyl flooring is a synthetic flooring option composed of multiple layers. It incorporates materials such as plastic, fiberglass, and PVC, usually available in planks, tiles, or sheets for easy assembly. The core layer forms the main body of the floor, possibly featuring an underlay or backing. Above this lies the image layer, capable of replicating various materials like wood and ceramic. A protective top wear layer of varying thickness shields the underlying layers from potential damage.

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Where Can You Use Vinyl?

Vinyl flooring is suitable for any space. Select from an extensive variety of patterns, colours, and even lifelike wood and stone effects. Vinyl provides you with flexibility to achieve your desired look, along with easy installation and low-maintenance floor.

What to consider before buying vinyl floors

When purchasing vinyl flooring, consider factors such as the room’s foot traffic, thickness and wear layer for durability, style, and design options to match your decor, ease of installation, and your budget. Additionally, verify if it’s waterproof and suitable for the intended space, ensuring it meets your specific needs.

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Stunning Designs To Choose From

Gorgeous designs and realistic wood and stone textures are perhaps the main reason why vinyl flooring has become so popular. Cheaper than the natural material, but high-quality, durable, and just as beautiful, these floors help homeowners create their ideal décor on a budget.

Designs include everything from antique-style oak flooring to lime stone-effect tiles or modern patterns. You can also choose an abstract pattern with geometric shapes, or a simple colour that complements your furniture. But whether you want to create the look of a country manor or of a Tuscan villa, you’ll find the perfect vinyl floor at Floorstore.

Frequently Aske Questions

Vinyl flooring is available in three primary types: luxury vinyl, luxury rigid core vinyl, and sheet vinyl, also known as loose lay vinyl. Each type offers distinct features that make them suitable for various areas of your home. Generally, they are all easy to clean, waterproof or water-resistant, and incorporate printed décor layers to deliver an authentic appearance.

Loose lay vinyl flooring is offered in tile or plank formats, known as loose lay vinyl plank and loose lay vinyl tile, respectively. These formats more accurately emulate the appearance of tile and hardwood floors. On the other hand, sheet flooring is more affordable and comes in a large roll. While grout lines or gaps between planks are printed onto the design of the sheet, they do not achieve the same level of realism as loose lay vinyl.

Thanks to its wear layer and protective coatings, this innovative floor covering is scratch-resistant. Opting for higher quality products ensures better durability, even in homes with playful puppies. Additionally, the sound-dampening characteristic of vinyl helps minimize the noise of your pet’s nails on the floor. Loose lay vinyl’s waterproof quality also facilitates easy cleanup of any little accidents.

Loose lay vinyl cannot be sanded or re-coated as it is made from a synthetic material. Damaged planks or tiles can, however, be easily individually removed and replaced.

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