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National Bed Month

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Get Ready for National Bed Month

As March 1st marks the commencement of National Bed Month, it’s time to gear up for quality sleep. National Bed Month, a time to remind ourselves of the importance of good sleep

National Bed Month

Getting the Most From Your Bed

Assess Your Bed’s Condition Regularly

Quality sleep hinges on your mattress’s condition. Given that we spend a significant portion of our lives in bed, it’s crucial to ensure it offers adequate support and comfort. While maintaining healthy sleep habits is essential, such as proper diet, exercise, and minimising screen time before bed, an outdated, unsupportive mattress can still hinder your sleep quality. Consider consulting resources like Bed Advice UK for guidance on selecting a new bed.

Optimize Your Sleeping Environment

A conducive sleeping environment greatly enhances sleep quality. Check your bedroom’s ambiance this month, ensuring it’s cool, dark, quiet, and clutter-free.


National Bed Month - wakefield

Revamp Your Bedtime Routine

Experiment with various relaxation techniques such as warm baths infused with calming aromas, soothing music, reading, gentle stretches, or yoga. Tailor your routine to suit your personal preferences. Dim the lights and disconnect from electronic devices to promote drowsiness. If your mind races, jot down any worries to alleviate stress.

Make Lifestyle Adjustments

Small lifestyle changes can significantly impact your sleep. Reevaluate your diet, caffeine intake, alcohol consumption, and exercise regimen. Excessive alcohol intake, particularly close to bedtime, disrupts sleep patterns and diminishes restorative sleep phases. Monitor your habits and adjust accordingly.

Maintain a Sleep Diary

Struggling to fall asleep? Keeping a sleep diary can shed light on factors influencing your sleep patterns. Document your activities, dietary choices, and sleeping environment to identify trends and potential solutions. Visit The Sleep Charity’s website to access a sleep diary template.

By implementing these strategies, you can enhance your sleep quality and enjoy restorative nights throughout National Bed Month and beyond.

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