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Quick-Step Laminate & Westex Carpet – Leeds

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The Brief

A customer visited our Roseville Showroom in search of a unique option for the entrance and stairs and was advised to consider Quick-Step’s Capture Painted Oak Black Laminate, alongside Silken Velvet Vogue Westex in Liquorice. I think you’ll agree that this combination has resulted in a stunning entrance, staircase, and landing.

Quick-Step’s Laminate Capture Painted Oak Black.

Quick-Step’s Laminate takes its inspiration from authentic painted oak floors, delivering the appearance of natural oak with rich, deep black hues. The texture is beautifully crafted to mimic the genuine feel of a wooden floor, making it the most convincing alternative to a stained oak floor you can discover!

Silken Velvet Vogue Westex – Colour Liquorice

The Westex Silken Velvet Vogue carpet is crafted from high-quality PA 6.6 nylon fibre, providing superior durability and an incredibly plush finish. It is constructed using 2-fold tufted yarn, which effectively guards against crushing and pile reversal.

What sets this remarkable Westex carpet apart is its softness and its availability in multiple widths.

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Services Supplied

  • Professional Laminate Flooring Installation
  • Professional Carpet Installation

Products Supplied

  • Quick-Step’s Laminate Capture Painted Oak Black.
  • Silken Velvet Vogue Westex – Colour Liquorice

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