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Invictus Maximus Parquet XL

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Invictus Maximus Parquet XL offers high-quality luxury vinyl planks and tiles designed to look like real parquet flooring. These planks and tiles have a thick wear layer of 0.55 mm, making them very strong and durable. The click system allows for easy installation, making it a great choice for any project.

Invictus Maximus  Parquet XL is known for its excellent wear resistance. This means the flooring can handle heavy use without showing signs of wear and tear. It is perfect for busy commercial spaces like care facilities, hotels, offices, and retail stores. The durable surface ensures that the flooring will look good for a long time, even in high-traffic areas.

One of the best features of the flooring is its rigid core. This strong material provides unmatched dimensional stability, which means the planks and tiles will not expand or contract with changes in temperature or humidity. This stability helps prevent gaps or buckling, ensuring your floor always looks perfect. This is a key advantage over similar but lower-quality products.

The click system of Invictus Maximus Parquet XL makes installation quick and easy. You don’t need special tools or glue, which saves time and effort. The planks and tiles fit together securely, creating a seamless and beautiful finish. This makes it a great option for DIY projects as well as professional installations.

The flooring  is also low maintenance. The high-quality surface is resistant to scratches, stains, and spills, making it easy to clean. Simply sweep or mop to keep your floors looking new. This makes it an ideal choice for both homes and commercial spaces where maintaining a clean and attractive floor is important.

Choose Invictus Maximus Parquet XL for your next flooring project. Enjoy the beauty of parquet flooring with the durability and ease of maintenance of luxury vinyl. Whether for your home or business, Invictus Maximus Parquet XL provides a stylish and reliable flooring solution that will last for years. With its strong construction and elegant design, it is the perfect choice for any space.




Mazimus Click Parquet

Pack Size

1.51 sqm


6mm x 145mm x 743mm


Bathroom with Care, Kitchen with care, Living Space