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Jacaranda Babri Rugs

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The Jacaranda Babri rug is a loop pile Jacaranda rug  that undergoes a unique random shearing process, resulting in a distinctive texture that is glossy, soft, warm, resilient, and easy to maintain. Crafted by hand from a blend of natural, undyed wool and TENCEL™, Babri embodies a harmonious fusion of practicality and lustre.

This winning combination lends Babri a captivating, natural look, making it an ideal choice for a diverse range of interior schemes, spanning from traditional country residences to contemporary minimalist spaces. For those drawn to its charm, our Badoli collection offers a similar enchanting texture in a linear loop design.

With the flexibility to colour match Babri to your preferred paint, Pantone, pom, or fabric, without any minimum order requirements, you can effortlessly integrate it into your desired aesthetic vision.

Suitable for various living areas including bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, halls, landings, and home offices with a castor mat, Babri is versatile enough to complement a multitude of environments.

With a classification of EN 1307: Class 23/32 heavy domestic/general contract, Babri ensures durability and performance suitable for both residential and commercial settings.

However, it is not recommended for use on stairs, where other options may be more appropriate.



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Pile Material

Undyed 50% TENCEL™ 50% wool


Cotton on stocked & bespoke hand sewn rugs. PP on blind-hemmed, whipped or bordered rugs

Moth Guarantee

5 years


Limestone, Sandstone, Pumice, Shale, Muscovite, Ore


Bedroom, living room, landing, home office with castor mat,