Moduleo LVT Plank

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The Moduleo design floor collections showcase an exquisite array of wood, stone, and abstract designs.

The wood and stone options are crafted to be both visually and texturally authentic. Moduleo designs all their boards in-house, ensuring each one captures every detail of the natural materials they emulate. Some ranges even feature up to 90 unique planks per design, highlighting their dedication to variety and realism.

Most of the Moduleo Design Flooring is available in both click and glue-down versions, providing versatile installation solutions.





LayRed Plank

Installation Method

Click System


189mm x 1317mm

Pack Size

1.99 sqm

Built In Underlay



Country Oak 54265, Country Oak 54285, Country Oak 54875, Country Oak 54935, Country Oak 54945, Country Oak 54991, Laurel Oak 51104, Laurel Oak 51230, Laurel Oak 51282, Laurel Oak 51864, Laurel Oak 51914, Laurel Oak 51992, Mountain Oak 56112, Mountain Oak 56213, Mountain Oak 56220, Mountain Oak 56238, Mountain Oak 56275, Mountain Oak 56869, Sierra Oak 58228, Sierra Oak 58239, Sierra Oak 58248, Sierra Oak 58268, Sierra Oak 58847, Sierra Oak 58933, Blackjack Oak 22205, Blackjack Oak 22210, Blackjack Oak 22218, Blackjack Oak 22330, Blackjack Oak 22450, Classic Oak 24228, Classic Oak 24837, Classic Oak 24844, Classic Oak 24890, Classic Oak 24940, Midland Oak 22221, Midland Oak 22231, Midland Oak 22235, Midland Oak 22240, Midland Oak 22821, Midland Oak 22936