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Sanders & Fink Pro Loc Herringbone LVT

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Welcome to the world of Sanders & Fink Pro Loc Herringbone Flooring, where exceptional design meets the demands of everyday life. Designed to elevate your living space, our herringbone flooring solution offers outstanding features tailored to busy households.

Experience unmatched peace of mind with the exceptional waterproof properties of Pro Loc Herringbone Flooring. Built to withstand spills, splashes, and high-moisture areas effortlessly, bid farewell to worries about moisture damage and embrace a worry-free flooring solution.

Say hello to hassle-free installation with our user-friendly click installation system. No need for complex tools or professional assistance – simply click the pieces together and effortlessly bring your vision to life. Save time and effort while enjoying the satisfaction of a flawlessly installed herringbone floor.

Sanders & Fink Pro Loc Herringbone Flooring is also designed to perfectly complement underfloor heating systems, offering warmth and comfort throughout the seasons. Indulge in the luxury of a heated floor beneath your feet and create a cosy atmosphere in your home, all while enjoying the timeless elegance of herringbone.

Furthermore, our flooring surpasses the strength of standard PVC click vinyl flooring, ensuring durability and resilience against daily wear and tear. Rest easy knowing that your flooring will maintain its beauty and stand the test of time for years to come.

Elevate your home with Sanders & Fink Pro Loc Herringbone Flooring – a perfect combination of exceptional features and effortless style. Discover the transformative difference this remarkable flooring can make in your everyday life


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5mm x 100mm x 600mm

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Pro Loc Herringbone