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Designed with a flair for style, Flair Rugs products easily enhance modern interiors. Trendy and chic as well as high-quality and durable, these rugs provide an ideal solution to create focal points in any living space. We offer all Flair Rugs ranges here at Floorstore, so it’s guaranteed that you’ll find something you’ll love. But you’ll probably love our prices even more.

Award-winning products from an award-winning brand

Flair Rugs do things differently. They travel all over the world to find exquisite products and designs, to spot upcoming trends and to discover new designers. As a result, their collections have won many awards, from Home Product of the Year to Best Rug or Best Global Rug. The brand has also received the Best Rug Supplier award not once, but six times in the last 10 years. And it only takes a glance at the rug and runner ranges to understand why.

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At Floorstore you can find rugs bursting with colour, boasting intricate details carefully hand-carved on their surface, perfectly clean lines, or flowing floral patterns. If you prefer plain designs, don’t worry – you’ll have plenty of products to choose from. We carry simple rugs and products made with natural jute, cotton or seagrass fibres. Love eye-catching and modern designs? Want to find the perfect rug for your child’s room? We’ve got you covered with literally hundreds of products!

Flair Rugs

  • Award-winning company
  • Provides an impressive number of designs – sourced from all over the world
  • Something for every taste, need and budget
  • Traditional, modern, geometric, natural, or floral designs
  • Vast range of rugs specifically designed for children’s rooms
  • Wool and cotton rugs that are hand carved and hand tufted by skilled craftspeople
  • Natural jute, cotton and seagrass rugs
  • Luxurious and vibrant rugs made with polyester and acrylic yarns
  • Machine made rugs that boast intricate patterns and stunning finishes
  • Flat-weave, shaggy or sumptuous and soft rugs
  • Rectangular, circle and semi-circle designs
  • High-quality backing materials

We carry numerous ranges made by Flair Rugs at Floorstore, but to give you an idea of what you can find in their collections we’ve round up the main design options below.

Traditional Collection

Here you can find wool rugs with hand carved details as well as budget-friendly polypropylene rugs. One thing they have in common? Their traditional design with floral, oriental or scroll work patterns. Circle and semi-circle rugs are also available.

Striped Collection

Wool or acrylic, fluffy or flat, brightly coloured or neutral. The Striped collection offers a wide range of rugs and runners, to suit any preference.

Wool Collection

In terms of quality, you can never go wrong with a wool rug. In terms of style, you can always rely on Flair Rugs for stylish products. Here you can find both in the same collection. Premium quality, featuring hand carved and hand tufted designs as well as various colours, this range provides décor improvement solutions for any living space.

Floral Collection

Whether classic, stylized or simply incredibly beautiful, here you’ll find a floral rug paradise. Designs range from intricate to almost abstract. The collection also includes heavyweight piles, hand-carved wool rugs and colours that range from white or cream to intense red and black.

Natural Collection

Hard-wearing and wonderfully rustic, these jute, cotton and seagrass rugs look great in a modern home. They’re simple and versatile, meaning that you can use them virtually anywhere.

Kiddy Rug Collection

Your little ones deserve the best. That’s why you can always count on Flair Rugs and on their amazing Kiddy Rug Collection to help you create playful accents in any room. We carry animal-shaped rugs as well as play mats with captivating designs which encourage creativity.

Modern Collection

The Modern range of Flair Rugs products includes funky designs, vibrant patterns and eye-catching rugs that create focal points anywhere.

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