Panaget Engineered Wood Flooring

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Established in 1929 in France, Panaget have been making high-quality flooring with a focus on expert craftsmanship for decades. Using centuries-old techniques as well as modern technology, the brand creates gorgeous and durable flooring for modern homes. In 2018, Panaget are one of the leading flooring companies in France and worldwide. Since we carry only the highest quality products, now you can discover all of Panaget’s engineered wood flooring ranges in our store.

The company’s engineered wood flooring collections feature 100% French oak on the top layer for that extra touch of quality. Likewise, the designs bring a touch of French style to interiors. Dedicated to perfection, Panaget applies traditional craftsmanship on an industrial scale to all floors. Thanks to an obsessive attention to detail, every product is completed to the highest standard.

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A passion for exquisite quality

Panaget use only the best materials to craft their multi-ply engineered wood floors. The solid wood layer on top is made from 100% French oak or walnut wood sourced from the USA. But regardless of the wood species, all engineered wood flooring is PEFC-certified and carries the ISO 9001 quality certification. As an extra mark of quality, all Panaget engineered wood floors come with an impressive 30-year warranty, making them a clever, lifetime investment into modern homes.

Timeless Natural Hues

Placed at the middle point between light, neutral hues and darker shades of brown. These versatile engineered wood floors look good anywhere and complement virtually any décor. Colours range from light beige to sandy brown and caramel. A perfect choice if you want to bring a touch of rustic warmth into a room. Find your ideal design at Floorstore, always at a great price.

Panaget engineered wood flooring

  • Crafted in France
  • Made with 100% French oak
  • Walnut wood sourced from the USA
  • Wood sourced from PEFC-certified forests
  • Planks with widths of 90mm, 139mm, 184mm
  • Lengths of 385mm to 2000mm
  • Colours that range from white and grey to natural, dark brown, and black
  • VOC-free, non-toxic varnishes and 100% natural oil finishes
  • Click or floating installation methods
  • Floors compatible with underfloor heating
  • Shavings and sawdust from production stage used as fuel
  • ISO 9001 quality certification
  • Engineered wood flooring backed by a 30-year warranty

Daylight Whites

Brighten your home’s décor with an engineered wood floor from the Daylight Whites range. Whether you want to bring some coastal vibes to a room or need the right floor to complement a lighter colour palette, at Floorstore you will find anything you might need to complete your home makeover in style.

Subtle Greys

Ideal for modern interiors, these engineered wood floors feature neutral hues and muted brown colours. The designs blend the warmth of rustic flooring with the elegant subtlety, to provide a stylish flooring solution for your home.

Elegant Browns

Luxurious brown colours and rustic warmth are brought together in the Elegant Browns engineered wood flooring range from Panaget. Here, you can discover floors with bold colours and eye-catching textures, from chocolate brown to charcoal black. A perfect way to add visual impact to a décor.

Safety meets eco-responsibility

Apart from their premium quality and stylish appearance, Panaget engineered wood flooring also brings peace of mind. The finishes includes non-toxic varnishes free from VOCs, while the oil treatments are 100% natural. Dedicated to protecting the environment, the company recycles waste from the production process to use it as fuel. And all of the wood is sourced from PEFC-certified forests.

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