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Wool Flatweave Carpet Upkeep

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Wool flatweave carpets are a beautiful addition to any home, offering a combination of durability and elegance. To keep your wool carpet looking its best, it’s essential to follow a proper care and cleaning routine. Here’s a friendly guide to help you maintain your wool flatweave carpet.

Fiber wool carpet

Preventative Measures

Use Barrier Mats: Place barrier mats or door mats at the entrances of your home. This simple step helps reduce the amount of dirt and debris tracked onto your wool carpet.

Regular Vacuuming

Initial Care: For the first few months after installation, vacuum your wool carpet 3-4 times a week using normal suction. This helps remove any initial fluff from the pile, which is perfectly normal.

Ongoing Care: After the initial period, continue to vacuum regularly. Avoid using a beater bar as it can damage the carpet by pulling at the weft. Vacuum slowly and thoroughly to keep your carpet clean and fresh.

Wool carpet cleaning

Wool Carpet Cleaning Tips

Avoid Bleach-Based Products: Do not use carpet cleaning products that contain bleach, as they can damage the fibres.

Spot Stains: For spot stains, act quickly. Blot up the excess spill with a kitchen towel as soon as possible to prevent it from setting. For stubborn stains, use a fiber-specific dry-cleaning product like Host. You can order this product from the retailer where you purchased your carpet.

How to Clean a Dry Spot

  • Sprinkle a small handful of a recommended spot cleaner over the spot.
  • Gently brush the cleaner through the carpet using a special brush. Brush in all directions: north/south and east/west. Be patient and let the cleaner do the work.
  • Allow it to dry completely, then vacuum the area.
  • Rinse the brush under warm water.

How to Clean a Wet Spot

  • Blot the spot with a clean, absorbent white towel or paper cloth until no more liquid or colour transfers.
  • Lightly brush a small amount of a recommended carpet cleaner into the spot.
  • Brush in all directions and sprinkle an additional amount of cleaner over the area.
  • Let the cleaner sit for ten minutes, then vacuum.
  • If any stain remains, use the cleaner sparingly on a white towel and dab the spot.
  • Repeat steps if necessary.
  • Rinse the brush under warm water.
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Final Tips

Test First: Always test any cleaning product in an inconspicuous area of your wool carpet before applying it to a visible spot.

Professional Help: For larger or more stubborn stains, contact a local reputable carpet cleaning company.

By following these simple care and cleaning tips, your wool flatweave carpet will stay looking beautiful for years to come. Regular maintenance and quick action on spills will ensure your investment remains a stunning feature in your home. Happy cleaning!


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