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LVT Flooring for Bathrooms

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Why LVT for Your Bathroom?

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) has emerged as the go-to flooring choice for bathroom renovations, offering durability, water resistance, and aesthetic appeal.

Understanding LVT Basics:

Let’s start with the basics. LVT mimics the natural beauty of wood or stone but surpasses them in durability and moisture resistance. Comprising layers that shield against scratches, stains, and moisture, LVT ensures a resilient flooring solution that stands up to the challenges of daily bathroom use

Durability is Key:

Bathrooms are high-traffic zones, prone to spills and constant moisture. LVT’s robust construction is tailored to endure these demands, ensuring a lasting, beautiful floor regardless of the bathroom’s size or usage.

Invictus LVT Bathroom

Warmth and Comfort:

Picture stepping onto a warm, inviting floor after a relaxing bath – that’s the comfort LVT brings. Its ability to retain heat makes it a popular choice, ensuring a cozy bathroom experience throughout the year.

Aesthetics and Design Options:

Say goodbye to outdated vinyl patterns. Modern LVT offers an array of styles, closely resembling the natural beauty of wood or stone. Whether you lean towards a rustic, traditional look or a sleek, contemporary design, there’s an LVT option that complements your personal style and bathroom décor.

Easy Maintenance:

Cleaning becomes a breeze with LVT – a simple wipe with a damp cloth or mop is all it takes. Its non-porous surface prevents dirt and grime penetration, making it a hygienic choice that saves you time and effort

Key Features to Consider When Choosing LVT for Bathrooms

Water Resistance and Durability:

Ensure your chosen LVT is designed for wet areas, boasting high water resistance ratings and a robust construction that combats daily exposure to water and humidity.

Slip Resistance and Safety:

Prioritise safety by opting for LVT with a textured or non-slip surface, providing enhanced grip and stability even in wet conditions.

Style and Aesthetics:

Balance practicality with aesthetics. Choose an LVT that complements your bathroom design, considering colours, patterns, and textures that align with your taste and existing décor.


Popular LVT Brands for Bathrooms

Invictus :- Invictus® is waterproof and therefore never out of place, not even in your kitchen, bathroom, or hall. Choose from a large variety of designs – including true-to-nature wood planks and realistic stone look tiles or make a bold statement with an intricate pattern.

Karndean:-Whether you’re renovating a main or guest bathroom or looking to modernize a second bathroom, Karndean provides beautiful and effective LVT flooring for bathrooms.

Their waterproof luxury vinyl planks and tiles provide protection from splashes, spills, and slips, making them a practical choice for everyday use. Their nonporous floors are warmer and softer underfoot than ceramic or porcelain tiles and are even compatible with underfloor.

Amtico:- Amtico LVT is the ideal flooring when reinventing your bathroom. Their tiles are water and slip-resistant, warmer to walk on barefoot than ceramic or stone tiles. With Amtico LVT you can create a comfortable and inviting bathroom.

Sanders & Fink:-The Sanders & Fink Pro Loc luxury vinyl flooring collection combines the beauty of natural materials with the versatility and convenience of vinyl, Warmer, quieter, and softer underfoot than wood, stone or ceramics, Sanders & Fink luxury vinyl flooring is easy to maintain, with no risk of warping, cracking, or chipping like its natural alternatives.

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How to take care of LVT

Installation and Maintenance Tips

Installation Process:

LVT installation typically involves a user-friendly click-and-lock system. For a flawless finish, follow proper subfloor preparation and, if needed, consider hiring a professional installer.

Maintenance Tips:

Sweep or vacuum regularly, use a mild detergent solution and a damp mop for thorough cleaning, and avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive tools. Mats or rugs can further protect high-traffic areas.

FAQs about LVT for Bathrooms

Can LVT be used in shower areas?

LVT is not recommended for shower areas in direct contact with water.

How long does LVT flooring last in a bathroom?

With proper care, LVT can last between 15-25 years

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Design Tip:

A bathroom with a smaller footprint allows plenty of freedom to experiment with pattern or bold design choices.

Look at different flooring options if you are still unsure about LVT. Our Bathroom blog may help you with this

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