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The Brief

Mr. Swycher, a prominent property owner in London, sought to enhance one of his rental homes with a design that blended a modern aesthetic with practical functionality. The objective was to elevate the property’s appeal to discerning tenants while ensuring durability and ease of maintenance.

Project Requirements:

Mr. Swycher’s vision encompassed:

  • A contemporary look that aligns with current design trends.
  • High-quality materials that cater to the high standards of potential tenants.
  • Practical solutions suitable for a rental property, ensuring longevity and minimal upkeep.

Our Solution:

To meet Mr. Swycher’s specifications, we proposed a two-fold flooring solution that combines the luxurious feel of high-end carpets with the robustness of engineered wood flooring.

  1. Victoria’s First Impressions Carpets:
    • Application: Bedrooms and Living Spaces
    • Rationale: These carpets offer a plush, inviting texture underfoot, enhancing the comfort and warmth of the private and communal areas. The modern design and color options available in Victoria’s First Impressions range align perfectly with contemporary interior aesthetics. Additionally, the carpets are crafted to withstand heavy foot traffic, ensuring they maintain their appearance over time – a crucial factor for rental properties.
  2. Kahrs Oak Garmisch Engineered Wood Flooring:
    • Application: Hallways
    • Rationale: Hallways require a flooring solution that can handle frequent use while maintaining a sleek appearance. Kahrs Oak Garmisch engineered wood flooring offers the perfect balance of elegance and resilience. Its sophisticated oak finish provides a modern look that complements the overall design theme, while the engineered construction ensures stability and durability, crucial for high-traffic areas.


Our team worked closely with Mr. Swycher to ensure seamless installation and integration of the selected materials. The project execution included:

  • Detailed planning to align with Mr. Swycher’s timeline and budget.
  • Professional installation to achieve a flawless finish and ensure the longevity of the flooring solutions.
  • Regular updates and open communication throughout the project to address any concerns promptly and effectively.


The transformation of the rental home was met with high praise from Mr. Swycher and positive feedback from prospective tenants. The property now boasts a contemporary, stylish look that appeals to high-end renters, while the practical aspects of the flooring solutions ensure long-term satisfaction and minimal maintenance.


This case study exemplifies our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. By understanding Mr. Swycher’s vision and the demands of the rental market, we were able to provide a flooring solution that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the property but also ensures practicality and durability.

For more information on how we can transform your property with our expert flooring solutions, please contact your local store.


Services Supplied

  • Professional Wood Flooring Installation
  • Professional Carpet Installation

Products Supplied

  • Kahrs Oak Garmisch Engineered Wood Flooring
  • Victoria Carpets - First Impressions
  • Cloud 9 Connoisseur Underlay

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