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We at the Classen Group believe that “made in Germany” is an integral part of our identity, and it’s something we take very seriously. For us there’s no better way to show this than through the quality of our products, which will last longer than any other kind – so you can be sure they’re worth your money!

Moreover, as a company we are active in the world of tomorrow, carry the responsibility for sustainable management and careful use. We have had our environmental certification officially recognized with an approval in 2014, which means we meet or exceed the international standard of transparency to preserving biodiversity .

Laminate floors have never been easier or quicker to lay with the new Classen megaloc system. Other well-known laminate flooring manufacturers also took over this revolutionary simple installation technique, which means you can do it yourself and professionals will love how quickly they are able to complete projects!

In conjunction with megaloc, Issowax also offers highly effective moisture protection particularly in the critical joint areas.

With unbeatable prices and a wide range of laminates call us or visit the show rooms to find the floor for you.

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