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Founded in the 1930s, Plantation Rug Company have always been passionate about rugs and the way they can completely change a room. Now, the brand offers an impressive number of collections – about 50 – with rugs sourced from various countries around the world. You can find all the company’s ranges here at Floorstore. We carry everything from plain rugs you can use anywhere to modern designs that are eye-catching and fun.

A design for every décor

A beautiful rug can enhance the appearance of any room, making it look stylish, or comfortable, or welcoming, or all at once. That’s why choosing the right rug for your home is important. Plantation Rug Company make hundreds of designs, each in various sizes, so you can rest assured that your ideal rug is here.

We carry every Plantation Rug Company range. At Floorstore you can discover an array of designs, colours and textures. From traditional but timeless rugs that look great in either a classic interior or a shabby-chic décor, to eye-catching pebble textures in a rainbow of colours or shaggy rugs that feel sumptuous underfoot.

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Designs that provide the ideal accent to enhance antique furniture. Spectacular rugs that will suit a minimalist living space. We have all of these products and many, many more. And the best part? You can find all of them at amazing prices.

Plantation Rug Company

  • Founded in the 1930s
  • Passionate about rugs
  • A wide range of designs
  • Rugs sourced from all over the world
  • Designs that suit any décor
  • Traditional rugs made of pure new wool
  • Shaggy and luxurious rugs that feel incredible underfoot
  • Vibrant designs that create the perfect focal point in minimalist interiors
  • Textured rugs that look fantastic in almost any living space
  • Durable products designed to last for many years to come
  • Various sizes available for most rugs – so you can transform rooms of any size

There are about 50 rug ranges made by Plantation Rug Company. So far. Below, we’ve selected a few of them, so you can get a glimpse at the types of designs you can expect to find at Floorstore. With so many stunning rugs, you’ll find the perfect product for your needs in next to no time!

The Ainslie and Regata ranges are both made with 100% wool and a colourful stripe pattern. These rugs are ideal for adding brightness to a neutral décor. If Anislie features more intense colours and thicker stripes, Regata boasts a more subtle palette with slightly muted tones.

If you love geometric patterns, check out the Geometric range. These rugs have eye-catching colours and designs. Here you can find 3D effect patterns that will make any room look memorable. This collection is made of 100% wool.

For those who prefer traditional designs and oriental patterns, Plantation Rug Company offers the Jewel and Taj Agra ranges. Made of 100% wool, these rugs are as durable and resilient as they are beautiful. They’re perfect for classic interiors, but they can also be used to create a stunning focal point in a modern, eclectic living space.

When it comes to textures, Plantation Rug Company know their stuff. Rope features wool yarns in a knot and loop pattern, while the Beans range combines a chunky textures with multi-coloured wool yarns. The Jessica rugs feature knots and loops, while the Simply Natural rugs celebrate the beauty of wool with an elegant striped pattern.

For ultimate comfort, look no further than the ArcticFootsieShetland and Snuggles ranges. All of them, whether they’re made with 100% wool or 100% polyester, are luxurious to the touch and underfoot. These are the kinds of rugs you’ll love to walk on day after day.