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Developed by Associated Weavers, Sensuality® is a new and innovative carpet brand. It features the unique iSense yarns, which provide unparalleled comfort thanks to their softness. Perfect for adding a luxurious touch to any room, the carpets from the iSense collection transform living spaces into relaxing havens. A great choice to enhance the look and feel of a bedroom. There are several ranges to choose from, so you can relax knowing that your ideal carpet is here at Floorstore.

Soft and comfortable as well as stylish

Finding a stylish and high-quality carpet that fits your requirements perfectly is easy when you look at the iSense carpet ranges. Featuring beautiful colours and sheer accents, these carpets blend elegance and function with premium quality. The 100% polyamide pile provides a sumptuous feel underfoot and to the touch. Colours that range from light and neutral to dark grey and even brighter pink offer the ideal opportunity to add a chic finishing touch to a room’s décor.

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A blend of elegance and function

Apart from their luxurious appearance and soft feel, the iSense carpets also bring a range of benefits to modern homes. They offer excellent noise reduction and slip resistance. Easy to maintain, the carpets are also durable and light-fade resistant. You can install them with underfloor heating stress-free. All iSense carpets come with an intensive domestic use rating, which means that they will look gorgeous for years even if you install them in a living room.

Introducing iSense

  • Luxuriously soft polyamide yarns
  • Frisé and Saxony style carpets
  • Pile height ranging from 10mm to 17mm
  • Total thickness ranging from 12.5mm to 19.5mm
  • Widths of 4m and 5m
  • FusionBac – premium quality backing
  • All ranges suitable for intensive domestic use
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Versatile colours that look good in any décor
  • Tones that range from white to black with brighter colours in between
  • Light-fade resistant
  • Excellent slip resistance
  • Excellent noise reduction
  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating


The Seduction collection features beautiful yarns with a subtle sheer. The pile measures 11mm in height, with the total thickness reaching 13.5mm. A premium FusionBac backing enhances the durability of the products and their noise reduction rating. These Saxony-style carpets come in 16 gorgeous colours, to suit any preference.


Designed with slightly curled frisé yarns, the Splendour collection brings comfort and glamour to your living spaces. The carpets from this range measure 12.5mm in thickness and have a 10mm pile height. The 16 colours include many neutral tones and slightly muted shades.


The most luxurious design in the iSense collection, all Serenity carpets have a 19.5mm total thickness and a sumptuous 17mm pile height. A perfect choice for those who love the feeling of walking barefoot on a soft, plush surface. Featuring 17 colours and a subtle sheer, these carpets are as stylish as they are comfortable.


The L’Amour collection has a velvety texture and a blend of glossy and matte yarns. With a 14.5mm pile height ad a 17mm total thickness, these carpets are an ideal combination of glamour and comfort. Suitable for use with underfloor heating, these carpets come with an intensive domestic use rating.


Illusion carpets come with widths of 4m and 5m. A 10mm pile height offers plenty of comfort underfoot, while the FusionBac premium backing enhances the durability of the carpets. Choose between 14 elegant colours, all available at a fantastic price here at Floorstore.


Silky and smooth, the Adoration range features carpets with 10.5mm pile heights and a 13mm total thickness. The 14 colours include neutral tones that complement any décor and existing colour schemes.

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