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Since 1938, Ulster have been making luxurious and high-quality Wilton and Axminster carpets in their original Castleisland site in County Armagh, Northern Ireland. A family-owned business, the company is now a global brand. It focuses on producing excellent products that are beautifully designed and exquisitely made.

The manufacturing process is managed here in the UK, from the first to the last step. From processing the wool at Ulster Yarns in Dewsbury to dyeing the yarns and adding the finishing touches at the Castleisland site. We’re happy to offer you all Ulster ranges at Floorstore, always at great prices.

Making high-quality carpets for generations

For almost 80 years, the family-run Ulster have enhanced the UK flooring industry with premium quality products made by generations of skilled craftsmen and women.

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All of their Wilton and Axminster carpets are produced in Northern Ireland, with the loop ranges made in Denmark by an Ulster Group company. Top quality wool, stunning colours and exceptional design combine in carpets that are meant to stand the test of time.

An eco-friendly company

Ulster set an example in the industry with their total commitment to preserving the environment. They have reduced their carbon emissions by 52% since 2001, have been accredited with 14001 since 2004, and divert up to 96% of post-industrious waste from landfills. Quality and good design – without harming the environment.

Ulster Carpets

  • Founded in 1938
  • Global flooring brand, yet still a family-run business
  • Passion for excellence and traditional craftsmanship
  • An impressive range of collections, all featuring elegant designs
  • Classic or modern patterns
  • Axminster, Wilton and loop carpets
  • Have reduced their carbon emissions by 52% since 2001
  • 96% of post-industrious waste is diverted from landfills
  • Accredited with ISO 14001 since 2004

At Floorstore you can find all Ulster ranges. And there plenty to choose from, so you can relax knowing that the carpet of your dreams is here!

The Anatolia collection includes classic carpets and runners with scroll patterns and intricate designs. Made of 80% wool and 20% nylon, with a woven Axminster construction. Extra heavy wear suitability.

Athenia features traditional designs with elegant patterns. These woven Axminster carpets and runners come in bright colours, including turquoise, red or royal blue. They are suitable for heavy wear areas.

Floral patterns and neutral colours combine in the Blossom collection. Made with a woven Axminster construction, these carpets have a 1.70 tog rating and an 80% wool / 20% nylon pile content. Heavy wear suitability.

The Boho collection includes herringbone, plaid and floral patterns, among others. A perfect choice for adding an elegant accent to a classic or modern décor. All carpets from this range come with a heavy wear rating.

If you like plaid, you’ll love the Braeburn collection. These plaid-style carpets feature beautiful, slightly muted colours. Suitable for extra heavy traffic areas.

Classic and elegant, the Country House collection features carpets and runners with either plaid or oriental patterns. A great choice for a more traditional interior. Extra heavy wear rating.

The Fusion range boasts eye-catching patterns – including houndstooth. These 80% wool and 20% nylon carpets have a woven Axminster construction and come with extra heavy traffic domestic and heavy traffic commercial ratings.

The Glenmoy carpets boast floral or plaid designs. Made with 80% wool and 20% nylon yarns, these products have extra heavy wear suitability.

Modern and simple, the Grange Wilton collection features woven Wilton carpets in a wide range of colours. All products are suitable for extra heavy domestic traffic conditions.

In the Glenavy collection you can find spectacular floral designs. These carpets feature an incredible level of detail and intense colours or neutral tones.

Traditional scroll and floral patterns combine with lovely colours in the Glendun collection. Extra heavy wear rating.

The Heritage Twist range has a twist pile construction with 80% wool and 20% polyamide content. Plain colours that look good anywhere.

The Natural Choice Axminster and Natural Choice Plains collections have a 100% wool content. Here you can find woven Axminster or Wilton carpets, both backed by an extra heavy wear rating.

Featuring 100% wool and 100% New Zealand wool pile contents, the Open Spaces and Open Spaces Laneve are suitable for heavy traffic areas in your home. The textured surfaces and neutral colours offer you the opportunity to transform any décor.

Classic and stylish, the Sheriden collection includes carpets and runners with traditional designs. These products are suitable for extra heavy traffic areas.

With carpets and runners made with simple motifs and border designs, the Tazmin collection is ideal for classic interiors.

The Mix range features contemporary designs. These carpets are perfect for creating focal points in any room. Suitable for extra heavy domestic and heavy commercial use.

The woven Wilton carpets from the Ulster Velvet collection boast simple colours and a smooth surface. Despite their velvety look and feel, these carpets are perfect for heavy traffic areas in a domestic property.

A great choice for those who prefer more creative but subtle designs. The Watercolours collection includes medium grey tones which complement any existing colour schemes.

The York Wilton carpets have a beautiful texture. The pile combines 80% wool and 20% nylon, providing resilience and durability. Backed by an extra heavy wear rating.

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